Project renamed.
From now on, mChess will be called EmChess.
This is because I found out that there is another chess game/computer called mChess written by Marty Hirsch. It seems to be rather old but it's still sold (at least in germany). Although nobody contacted me to rename my project I thought it would be better to do it right away.
Btw: The next EmChess release is coming soon.


EmChess 0.11 released.
This release fixes a major bug (which actually is rather a simple typo than a major bug) that didn't load castling moves from savegames correctly. So everyone using 0.1 should update to 0.11.
Some minor issues were fixed to and some code clean up was done.
Unfortunetly I'm very busy at the moment which prevents me from working on EmChess as much as I would like to. But better days are straight ahead (I hope ;)


So much code ... so little time
After I released v0.1 I realized (with a big smile on my face) that there are actually many people visiting this page ... and some of them are even downloading and trying EmChess ;).
Although the next step is clearly writing a manual, I'd like to know what you think I should work on next. So I put a little survey on this page.
If there's anything else you want to tell me, feel free to contact me.


EmChess 0.1 released.
This is the first release, so don't expect to much.
Never the less you are fully able to play email chess. Download it, try it and tell me what you think of it !


Release ahead !
Really ... please believe me :)
All functions of version 0.1 are ready, I just need to do some finishing things, compile and bundle the binary packages and some final testing ...
Mhmmm ... did someone say "e;just"e; ? ;)


Welcome stranger !
Since today EmChess is hosted on
Everything would be much nicer if we already had a release ... But I'm working on it.