EmChess is a simple and (hopefully) nice cross-platform email chess program.

The aim is to play chess with your friends via email using a nice user interface without having a chess board standing in your living room for weeks. Just start a new game, enter your and your opponents email adress and have some fun. EmChess is not and doesn't want to be a full featured, complex tournament - email - chess - database - thing, there are already quite enough nice programs out there.

I started EmChess because I wanted a program without massive dependencies. That means you don't need a webserver, you're not fixed to a special operating system, you just install a small programm without any great efforts.

Why another email chess program ?

Yeah, that's a good one ...
The reason I started this project is I needed a very simple piece of software.
You see, I'm not a pro chess player, to be honest, I'm playing very badly, but I enjoy it. Some years ago I stumbled upon a shareware program that did exactly what I wanted (expect it only ran under Windows), but I couldn't find it anymore or anything similar to it.

What about -insert feature- ?

Mhmm, well, I don't know.
Take a look at the features page to see what is planned.
I'll add any feature I find usefull while testing/playing EmChess with my friends.

If you want to recommend/miss a special feature, don't hesitate to contact me !
But please keep in mind : Main features of EmChess should always be simplicity and ease of use !